What Can I Do To Help My Car Accident Lawyer With My Case?

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You’ve been in an accident and made the smart choice to hire a car accident lawyer. To ensure your claim processes smoothly, it is essential to follow the instructions your attorney gives you.

Once you retain an attorney, you should stop all direct communication with the insurance company. If the insurance company reaches out to you, direct them to contact your attorney. 

Keep a list of the medical providers you see regarding your injuries. This will make collecting your medical records much easier for everyone. Then you don’t have to try to remember all the doctors you saw.

You should also keep copies of the receipts for any out of pocket costs you pay during treatment for things such as prescriptions or wrist braces. 

Make sure to stay in touch with your lawyer. Notify them of any changes to medical care, if you are returning to work, or if your injuries have progressively gotten worse. 

How Do I Make Sure I Don’t Jeopardize My Claim?

Whether you plan to file an injury claim or not, you should always be examined by a doctor soon after an accident. They will assess your injuries and give you a plan of care.

Be sure to go to your follow-up appointments and attend any additional treatment recommended by your doctor such as physical therapy. Keep your medical providers apprised of any changes in your symptoms.   

All bills and documents related to your claim should be sent to your lawyer. These documents should include both paid and unpaid bills. This will ensure your attorney is aware of all the charges related to your case.   

Never sign a document without your lawyer first reviewing it and giving you the go-ahead. The same goes with giving a statement. Once you have an attorney, they act as your voice when it comes to your claim so let them do the talking until they tell you otherwise.

Avoid posting on any social media platform about your accident. Alerting people on social media can be an instinctual reaction, but you should refrain from doing so. Do not post anything about your injuries, what happened, or photos of the damage. You should also keep posts about any of your daily activities to a minimum while your claim is active. Insurance companies always search social media and they could use this information against you to downplay your injuries.

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